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Baseball Camps

Increased Velocity Program

The Increased Velocity Program is designed to increase arm strength and velocity by using a Ballistic Training Program designed by Driveline Baseball. By using different strengthening drills using Jaeger Stretch Bands, PlyoCare Balls, and Weighted Baseballs, the goal is to increase velocity when throwing a baseball while safely strengthening the arm to help prevent injury. The Modified Six Week Program designed by Pitcher Perfect has shown increased velocity of 2-6 mph. Each session last approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Hitting Development Program

The Hitting Development Program breaks down the down the swing into three easy steps to increase bat speed and launch angle to increase power when swinging a baseball bat.  By using 'Half Bats', we'll break the swing down by using one arm at a time to get the most efficient and powerful swing that will result in increased exit velocity and lift for maximum results at the plate.  Sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

PItching Development Program

The Pitching Development Program is designed to teach pitching fundamentals with the focus on learning how to incorporate your whole body while pitching and increase the percentage of strikes thrown. By using specially designed throwing drills, pitching mechanics are broken down in simple steps, starting with the arm, then adding the shoulder, then hips, then legs. Players will also learn to throw a second pitch, whether that be a change up or curveball (age dependent). There will also be a simplified version of the Driveline Ballistics Training Program to increase arm strength and velocity. The last ten minutes of the session will be spent on a pitcher’s mound using the newly learned mechanics with the focus being on throwing strikes. The sessions last approximately 45 minutes.

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